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To strive and thrive in this VUCA world, it is absolutely essential to adopt a growth mindset while continuously adapting to the ever-increasing change in both customer needs and technology. LEADX prepares IT leaders to understand the Why, What and How of the new WoW.


We need to assess our current position to be able to chart out the path to improvement. DevOps is a journey of continuous improvement. ADOC assesses organization on the five aspects – Human Aspects, Process & Frameworks, Functional Composition, Intelligent Automation, Technology Ecosystems.


Playground- The Virtual Dojo is a platform where teams can experiment their problem hypothesis on a pay as you go basis and implement the learnings in their own environment to accelerate their Digital Transformation Value Realization. It is an immersive experience for full-stack teams to learn modern engineering, DevSecOps, DevOps, SRE and VSM practices.


DTX-i is a vastly immersing, virtual, strategy simulation that connects and educates people at a greater scale on various aspects of DevOps and SRE. This web-based program offers vision to the technology leaders and their respective organisations about the essential modules and environment of Digital Transformation.


Keeping the current skill gaps in mind, we have curated a set of learning programs for IT Practitioners as accredited training providers of DevOps Institute and EXIN Certification bodies on DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Value Stream Management, Information Security, Digital Service Manager, AI and Blockchain.


With the experience of organizing Asia’s largest global DevOps and SRE Summit from India (#DOIS), Xellentro is providing a global platform for practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, Value Stream Management, using new technologies on cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain to share their experience in improving Digital Transformation initiatives to generate greater ROI.


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  • For Outcome Driven Learning
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation by adopting New WoW
  • Access To Globally Recognized Experts & Trainers
  • Globally Accredited Partners


Xellentro Pte Ltd was incorporated in the year 2019. The name Xellentro represents the meaning “Excellence in Value Delivery”.

Xellentro is well known for its thought leadership in New Ways of Working using approaches like Dev(Sec)Ops, SRE, VSM, Cybersecurity and integrating the upcoming technologies of AI/ML, Blockchain etc. The Singapore entity is created to extend the learnings to the APAC practitioners, with an Objective to strengthen the Human Capital through Upskilling and making the business more Efficient in delivering better outcomes for their Global Customers.

Our Consulting Team has experience of multiple years in improving the Ways of Working for various global organizations and are well known in their respective areas. What differentiates Xellentro is our Practitioner’s approach where we don’t limit ourselves only to training and advisorybut stay on till envisaged benefits are realized and values are created for our customers.

The organization is founded by Dr. Niladri Choudhuri. Ms. Surabhi Prakash is the COO of the organization and Dr. Sharmila Choudhuri is Director in the organization. Dr. Niladri Choudhuri is globally acclaimed thought leader and an eminent speaker in the area of DevOps, DevSecOps SRE, VSM and New Ways of Working. He is an international author. Ms. Surabhi Prakash comes from a strong background of Human Capital & Strategic Management. Dr. Sharmila Choudhuri is an accomplished academician.

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