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EXIN Information security Officer


Information Security Officer certification offers the best knowledge and skills for those professionals whose goal is to become a certified Information Security Officer. While certified as an Information Security Officer, you are tested widely based on Information Security Management conditions [based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard], as well as, on the new requirements like Data Protection, Cyber Security and Business Continuity Management [BCM].

Security is Everyone’s responsibility; ensure to make your IT system secure.

On completing the minimum 3 certifications –

  1. Information Security Management Foundation
  2. Information Security Management Professional and
  3. Any one from Privacy and Data Protection Foundation or Business Continuity

    Management Foundation or Cyber and IT Security Foundation, you will get the

    Information Security Officer Certificate.

Course Curriculum

While selecting the role of Information Security Officer, professionals will be able to utilize the skills and knowledge they might have developed during their career track. The blend of Information Security and the preference of Privacy & Data Protection, Cyber & IT Security or Business Continuity Management will offer the learners with the conceptual understanding of security and how to use the guidelines and best practices in their organizations.

Course Objective.

Those professionals seeking to become an Information Security Office

Those who are Operations Manager and Operations Practitioners.

 Those professionals who have started a move towards data privacy or information

 security, and keen to acquire better assistance and guidance in their career expansion.

Every IT Practitioner as they need to have good understanding of Security to

deliver secure products or services as the system is reliable only when it is secure.

Those who have already got one of the certifications required as they need to

only achieve the other certifications in the career track to obtain the Information

Security Officer certification.



  • You will be able to understand the concepts and use implement in your work

  • Experiment with ISO in your work

  • Help you in understanding the concepts of ISO to start exploring

Course details

EXIN Information Security Foundation

EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation (or) EXIN

Business Continuity Management Foundation (or) EXIN

Cyber & IT Security Foundation

EXIN Information Security Professional