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Top Challenges of Cyber Security faced in 2021

Maintaining your data safe and secure on the internet is indeed a major cybersecurity challenge in recent times, as it approaches in different forms like malware attacks, ransomware, phishing attacks to your products. A few of the examples of cybersecurity attacks that hit in 2021 include – Sierra Wireless ...

Environment as a Guide to Innovation – Carlota Perez

Every year on April 22, we observe Earth Day. But it’s high time we need to start thinking of giving back to Earth. In all our IT innovations, we need to start focusing on how to make it more Environment Friendly. Work in this area has already started. We need ...

DevSecOps – Key Trends to Apply for 2021

With the onset of pandemic from the beginning of last year, IT businesses really hit the rocks where they underwent a trying phase. But this enhanced the speed of digital transformation among the industries where many companies shifted to cloud platform and utilized digital tools to execute their works. ...