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Digital Transformation Without Innovation is No Transformation

In the current scenario, every organization is trying to adapt to the Changes brought about by the Industry 4.0. Customer expectations are changing, technology is changing rapidly, and customers are looking for Servitized Product. Today we do not buy a song in a CD, we buy a musical experience. In this time of Great Peril and Great Opportunity, we need to innovate in every aspect of our business, not only the new features, but also the process, the technology, and the ways of working. Innovation needs continuous learning.

Transform To Be An Innovative Organization

Innovation needs learning from the Customer perspective. Innovation has to be there in everyone’s mind for whatever they do. It starts from the Leadership.

Leaders are used to doing things in the ways they are used to. New VUCA world, the fast-changing world is not easy to tame with the old ways of working. The leaders need to be closer to what is happening on the ground.

Xellentro provides that set of guardrails for Leaders to learn and practice and be ready to achieve greater return from the transformation initiatives and themselves become the pillars of success.

The LeadX Program offered by Xellentro acts as a guide for the Leaders to understand the Why, What and How of the New Ways of Working.

Accelerate Value Creation For Your Customers, Business and Employees By Bringing The Flow Of People, Process and Technology To A Common Outcome.

Xellentro helps organizations to accelerate their value creation by helping them adopt the path:

  • Assess
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Gap Analysis
  • Charting the Way Forward
  • Guiding through the improvement
  • Bridge the gap by providing Learning
  • Learn through Hypothesis based Experimentation

Xellentro uses the Upskilling Assessment of DOI and some customized metrics. This engagement has the Value stream Mapping Exercise, Gap Analysis and Charting the Way Forward, through our Consulting Engagement Plan.

Xellentro provides multiple certification and non-certification trainings in the areas of DevSecOps, DevOps, SRE, Value Stream Management, AI and Blockchain. We also facilitate experiential learning by using simulation game for Digital Transformation.

Security is a primary aspect of Transformation. If we need to deliver Reliable Transformation, we need to deliver Secure Transformation. Security has to be baked-in throughout the lifecycle and everyone should be responsible.

Xellentro provides various Security related certification trainings.

In order to adopt and adapt to New Ways of Working, we need to try out new things. Experimentation is the only way to Innovation.

Xellentro provides Playground – The Virtual Dojo for teams to come with their business problems, we help in hypothesizing the problem and guide the team to experiment. The learnings can be taken back by the team and implemented in their own environment. There is no structured course or structured lab here. Teams come with their business problems and solve it on their own under guidance of our SMEs.

Continous Learning Through Knowledge Sharing

Transformation of any nature is a journey of Continuous Learning. The best way to do so is by sharing knowledge. Xellentro provides 2 global platforms – DevOps Asia Summit and DevOps India Summit where practitioners can meet and greet global peers and experts. This helps them to get validation on what they are doing is right and also helps them to exchange their own experience, learnings and knowledge acquired in the journey.

Some Use Cases


You have an existing good product. You are moving to cloud or you have already moved to cloud. You need assistance in doing things right at the first instance.


You are an IT Service Provider. You want to be better than your Competitor.


You are a Fintech Company and you want to improve your product & services to adopt the new technologies.